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Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one. ~Japanese Proverb

This was originally posted to Ciera’s blog on 25th October 2009

You know when you’re reading something you totally agree with and you get this uplifting feeling? That happened to me when I read the above proverb! 😀 The way I interpret it may be different from others but I think it means: “No distance is too far if you’re in love.

About a month ago I arrived home from a three month trip to Australia. I had traveled over there to meet Daniel, my one and only (as mentioned in my last blog post). We had met online nine months prior when he sent me a friend request on Myspace. :) We started talking through comments and, just a few days later, we were chatting hours upon hours on Windows Live Messenger! It was, and still is, amazing that I could talk to him the whole day without getting bored or having an awkward pause in the conversation. I have never been able to do that with anyone else!

When we first started talking, Neither of us were expecting more than just a friendship. He was looking for a girlfriend, but trying to find someone in his area. Oh, and I must add this!!, he started looking right after his ex broke up with him… REBOUND! xD LOL! I was concerned and told him he didn’t “need” another girlfriend, he just wanted one. As for me, I had been “involved”, emotionally at least, with a friend and was still trying to figure myself out. I just wasn’t looking for anyone… I didn’t have the feeling that I needed to be with someone. But of course, as the days went by, and we started learning more about each other, we started getting closer and closer! I think it took me a little over a month to realize how I felt about him! <3 :) I knew by then I would love to meet him one day and I told him so :P. I had no idea I would be on an airplane flying across the world 8 months after that, though 😛

Flying to Australia to meet the guy I am in love with was an awesome experience! I will admit, I was very nervous about the whole thing. After hearing stories about the young women who are found dead after such a trip, it would make sense, right? 😛 But it all ended very well! The time we spent together was magical!! After spending time with him I knew that if everything works out in life, I could end up spending the rest of it with him :D! It’s a wonderful feeling to have!  I love him with every part of me. It’s so hard to express how much he means to me but I know, since we practically share a brain xD, that he feels the exact same way!

Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy. I miss him everyday. I miss his kisses. I miss being next to him. I miss seeing his smile, hearing his giggle, everything. I believe we can get through this, though. Being able to talk to him everyday helps a lot. Knowing that we’re both working towards the same thing really helps too :). Daniel and I are very lucky people! We have met our soul mates :) Our other half <3 I love you Daniel!

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