1 August 2010 1 Comment

Week 5 with Daniel!

Holding hands.

For some reason I’m just really not wanting to blog this week. Yet, I push myself to post one on here to keep people updated. Don’t be surprised if this post is shorter than most…\

Today was mostly a relaxing day for us. We managed to beat Mario Galaxy with Mario and opened up the ‘secret’ character. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Luigi…). Now we must beat the whole game again while playing as that character and hopefully a new world, or something, will appear. Also, we need one more star in Mario Galaxy 2 so a new level will open. Besides that, we haven’t done much. Daniel has been working on an old computer today and I’ve been trying to stay happy and write some posts. Oh, and I’m hoping to accomplish all the goals I’ve set for today!

We saw Inception yesterday. I think I may give a ‘review’ of the movie on my site. My plan is to keep this blog strictly about us. Jacinta joined as so Daniel and her could spend some sibling time together. I know they’ve both been missing each other so I made sure we all did something together this weekend. We had a fun time while we were out that day. Before the movie, Daniel and I went to MSY (a computer parts store here, it’s awesome!) to get a nice, new keyboard and mouse for me and a hard drive for him. He’s setting up an old computer as a server, I believe, so we can use off peak downloading time, and such. :)

As for the rest of the week, nothing much happened with us. I believe on Tuesday something happened with the train lines and travel was delayed for quite awhile. Daniel was trapped in a train for awhile when that happened. He was on his way to work. To reimburse everyone the PT company decided to give everyone Free Travel Friday instead of just the people who traveled on Tuesday. So, after visiting Daniel for lunch on Friday, I took advantage of the free traveling and rode a train to Hurstbridge (located at the end of one of the train lines). It would have been a lot better if Daniel and I could have traveled together but I still enjoyed my time in the “country”.

Other news about us: ¬†We love each other :D!! Hehehe! ^_^ Also, I feel like I’m very close to getting a job at CottonOn. I got two phone calls from them an hour after applying :)! We’ll see how this goes!


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    LUIGI! Out of all people! So anticlimatic! :(