9 August 2010 0 Comments

Week 6 with Daniel.

We're dwarves :O

This week has been great! Daniel has remained busy the whole time and I managed to have a few busy days myself. 😉 Thursday was the day Daniel and I had lunch together. I enjoyed it more than I usually do which was very nice.

Friday night we helped Daniel sister, Jacinta, make some cookies for her picnic the next day. That was quite fun for all of us! The picnic the next day was very nice as well. Jacinta set it up as a celebration for being vegetarian a total of 4 years so far. It was mostly her friends, obviously, but I still enjoyed being there. One of her friends happened to be obsessed with America and decided to talk to me about that for awhile :P. Another one of her friends that was there knew I was from Idaho. That surprised me a lot! Anyways, Daniel and I left early and came home to watch Lilo and Stitch. I was really wanting to color so we stopped somewhere to get me crafty things before heading home.

On Sunday, Daniel and I decided to go to Luna Park. There was a person performing in front of the park so we watched him first. He was juggling fire and doing one of the Great Houdini tricks. We both laughed a lot during the show! When he was done we walked through the park to see what rides we wanted to go on. The prices were ridiculous so we wanted to make sure we got our moneys worth. We ended up having troubles paying for the tickets. Something was going wrong with out joint account and both our cards were being declined. Daniel had to pay with his separate account which was a bummer. The whole point of our joint account was to pay for things we do together; an easier way to give proof for the partner visa. We still ended up enjoying our time. Both of us happen to be chickens when it comes to heights xD! Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice stroll on St. Kilda beach. Even though it’s winter here right now, it was such a beautiful day! 😀 Sunday happened to be the day for an Arts Market in St. Kilda as well. I really enjoyed that and I’m going to make sure we go there again.

When we got back into the city there was another street performance right across from Flinders Street. It was even better than the one before! The performer basically told a story while audience members made fools of themselves. Sadly we weren’t able to give him money. We’d given all our change to the guy before! After watching this last performance, Daniel and I had dinner at KFC. NOMNOMNOM! We are sooooo healthy! I’m actually hoping we start working on being healthier although things are a lot better for me than they used to be.

So, those were the highlights of the week! This weekend was packed full.

Some news about the blog!
Daniel and I have decided I won’t be the only one doing weekly posts from now on. The plan is to alternate weeks so be expecting a post from him next time!