22 August 2010 0 Comments

Week 8 together!


Wow! Daniel and I have made it through another month together! I never questioned we’d make it through but it’s still so amazing to think about. I’m really excited about next month, though. On the 26th of September it will be two years since we met online. To me, that feels more important than when we decided to be together. Life would be so much different if we never met and I know we’re both so happy we started a life together!

Anyways, let me tell you about this week. It has been really great! We’ve both managed to be pretty busy. On Monday Daniel and I went to dinner at Papa Gino’s, one of the many Italian restaurants on Lygon Street. We both got some pasta and it was delicious! We are planning on going back very soon :)! For my friends back in “The Valley”, Fazzari’s is very similar.

Tuesday, I had a Myki assessment. Before that I met up with Daniel so we could have lunch with his cousin. His cousin went to an assessment before me so he was gonna give me some tips ;). We had Nando’s which is a really good chicken place but they’re a bit pricey. Then I went through the Myki assessment which wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. Afterwards, there was an hour until Daniel got off work so I explored the city and found a beautiful lane full of street art. Needless to say, I got some pictures and wasted most of my time there :P.

I don’t remember what happened on Wednesday and Thursday but I know one was a rest day and the other I went out to shopping centres.

Friday was a great day! Daniel and I had lunch together and then I wasted some time until he got off work. His friend, Steve, invited us to dinner and drinks and we decided to go so they could catch up. Cam ended up joining as well which made the night just a little bit better ;)! We had a good dinner and then walked through the city to find a place called the “Lounge”. I’d say the walk was probably the best part of the night!

This weekend, Daniel and I saw Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. We both really loved it! I really wish there were more movies with graphics and sounds like it. It was so great! I liked it enough to have a dream about it ;)! We also went to the market just to get out of the house. I love things like that. I’m really hoping to go back to the St. Kilda one once I have money. At the qvm we found this lady who makes beautiful smelling flower sculptures out of soap. You would never be able to tell they weren’t real unless you looked VERY closely.

This week will be busy for both of us again. Hopefully not as much eating out. though! Daniel has work, of course; and I have Myki training! It’s still an assessment but it’s paid training so I’m assuming I have the job unless I really screw up!

Hope life is going well for you readers!