5 September 2010 4 Comments

Week 10 together – Ciera’s first day!

Eating at Phamish after a visit to St. Kilda.

This week really wasn’t too eventful for us. Daniel worked all week and I was home all week until Thursday when I saw Daniel for lunch.

As mentioned in the title, I had my first day of work this Friday. All week I was dealing with first day jitters and all the anxiety piled up. Thursday night ended up being a bad night for both of us. I was feeling really homesick and wanting the comfort of the bed I was so used to just a couple months back. While explaining it to Daniel, we both started crying. I hate seeing him cry… He loves me so much and was worried I wanted to go home and leave him here alone, again. :( I would never, ever do that unless I absolutely had to. For instance, my visa expires and he can’t leave with me. I just wanted to share a bad moment we’ve had. Our relationship isn’t perfect but we deal with things because we are determined to be together forever.

The first day of work was nothing to worry about, but I can’t help to get the jitters :P. I had to wake up at 4:30 am to get to Melb. Central Train Station (where I worked) by 6:30. I wasn’t able to sleep that night but somehow managed to stay awake through the shift and the rest of the day. Most of the shift consisted of me standing in the middle of a flow of people holding out brochures for the few people who were interested in myki. I was able to help two or three people which made me feel really good! This week I have two shifts at tram stops. I’m interested to see how that will go. Daniel is thinking about waiting for me after work at the stops. It’ll be a good two hours after he gets off work but I would love to see him there :)!

Daniel and I went to see Going the Distance on Saturday. If you haven’t heard about, it’s a movie focused on a couple that goes through the obstacles of a long distance relationship, (Which is why we wanted to see it :P). The movie was really good at showing the emotions of dealing with it all. We both liked the movie but I don’t think it’s one I’m willing to buy… or watch again for a long time. After the movie we went shopping for Father’s Day and two birthdays with Daniel’s sister. It took us awhile and we all started getting grumpy towards the end but we figured out what to do for everyone!

Today, Daniel and I visited St. Kilda again. We had a better look at the market and found some really beautiful things! I’m hoping to get a few things from there the next time we visit. We stopped to watch a street performer again. This time it was someone who did flips. He front flips over four different people and then did a twist somersault jump over those same four people standing up. The last one was VERY impressive. We decided to have lunch at a place called Phamish in St. Kilda. They had small portions but very nice food! Daniel enjoyed a plate of Fish and Chips while I enjoyed Pumpkin and Parmesan Ravioli with asparagus and almonds. After that we got some ice cream at McDonalds and then headed home.

All in all, the weekend was nice. I’m looking forward to working more and the possibilities this next week will bring us!


  • Brandy

    Its so nice to see someone else with such an awesome story!! My boyfriend is coming to america because Im currently taking classes and he just graduated from college, but its with the same visa you’re on! Thats amazing, best of luck to you two ^-^

    • Ciera

      That’s the same way I felt when I read your comment on Adam’s blog! It seems like our roles are switched. I haven’t graduated college and I’m not taking classes so I came here while he tries to finish up uni. We started this blog to use for proof of our relationship for when we apply for the partner visa. It allows me to live in Australia and eventually become a permanent resident! Best of luck to you and your boyfriend as well!!

  • http://dan.cx/ Daniel

    That’s a bad photo of me xD

    • Ciera

      Oh, it is not! It’s a great photo of both of us!!