12 September 2010 6 Comments

Week 11 together!

We're awesomely cute!

Wow, the time goes so quickly when you’re having lots of fun! It’s week 11 already :o. This week was pretty good. Ciera was having some issues at work, with payroll not recording her bank details correctly. She got that fixed this week and finally got paid for the first time on Wednesday. I think it’s pretty good that she’s finally made some money of her own here in Australia. She went shopping on Friday and spent some of the money buying some new awesome stuff.

Saturday, we weren’t entirely sure what to do. Ciera thought that I needed new shoes… They’re old and broken and have holes in them but I still liked them :(. Anyways, we ended up going to DFO at South Wharf (near Docklands) to try and find some shoes. The directions the Metlink site gave us were kinda wrong and we ended up getting lost for a bit. Lucky for us, I had Google Maps installed on my phone, and we checked that to find some proper directions. We finally found the place, and now I have new shiny shoes. I’m still kinda incredibly jealous of the shoes with flashing lights that kids have – I wish they made adult versions of those! :(. 

We were going to go try Taco Bill for dinner (what similarities they have with Taco Bell, I have no idea), but they weren’t open! We ended up just being “healthy” and having KFC again xD. While we were out, my sister Jacinta called and said that one of her friends was going to give us a cat! Ciera’s been wanting a pet for ages, so she was ecstatic! I’m not an animal person, but I’m kinda excited. Now we just have to plan a day to go pick it up from her friend. Today (Sunday), we went and bought just a few things for the cat (like a carrying container and a little toy), preparing for getting it.

This week, most of the days should be the same for me (working full-time does that to you!). Ciera has a shift every day this week, which should be interesting since she hasn’t really worked that much quite yet. I’m sure we’ll do something exciting this weekend, maybe see a movie or go somewhere awesome. You’ll have to stay tuned for next week!

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— Daniel

  • Samie

    You must post pictures of the cat! :)
    Glad to know you guys are doing alright, and that she’s earning her own money over here.

    @Ciera: If you haven’t already tried this, go to Soda Rock in St Kilda! Its a 60 styled diner that I think you guys would like and you’d be somewhat familiar with the food. It’s so great there. :)

    • Ciera

      I’ll make sure to post some pictures of Louie (the cat) on this weeks post :)

      That sounds like a place I used to enjoy in Idaho. We’ll have to find it and try it out! Thanks!

  • Jen

    I so agree about Soda Rock, in fact I was just there Friday night. Apparently the Americans love it, so I’m sure Ciera will feel right at home. The food is great and the atmosphere is so much fun!

    • Ciera

      I’m not sure I’d “love” it but I would probably enjoy my time there :)

  • beth

    where did ciera get a job? :)

    • Ciera

      I work with myki. I basically just go around to different places and give information about it. It’s a really nice and easy job :)