19 September 2010 1 Comment

Week 12 together – KITTY! :D

Under his favorite tree

WOW! It’s been another 3 months that Daniel and I have been together! That’s a total of 6 months including the time I spent with him last year :)! And next Sunday we’ll be celebrating our second ‘friendiversary’ (the 26th)! The plan is to spend time together at the Royal Melbourne Show and possibly do another special something, like dinner.

This week has been an adventure! We got a kitty! One of Jacinta‘s friends had to get rid of her cat and we’ve been wanting one for awhile so we jumped on the opportunity. His name is Louie and he is a cutie (rhyme :3)!! He was basically thrown into a new world so the whole week we’ve been trying to train him what to do here. At the beginning he was having troubles with using the litter box but he’s finally got a hang of it! We took him out the other day to explore and now he can’t get enough of it! For now he goes out on a lead so we don’t lose him. As soon we’re confident he’ll come back, he’ll get to go outside all by himself :D.

I got a new phone this week! The one I was using is really old and would turn off randomly. My new one is so great! It’s the Nokia E63. One reason why I’m so happy with it is I can text friends in America while I’m out (I have google voice emailing me the texts). It’s also my first smart phone! It’s a really sturdy phone and I’m happy with it :).

Daniel and I were busy with work this week so we didn’t do much. On Saturday we went out and saw Despicable Me. It’s a very cute movie! We also watched Zathura last night, on tv, and I enjoyed it as well. While we were out on Saturday, we got me two cases for my new phone and looked at bike helmets. There’s some bikes available to rent in the city but it’s law to wear a helmet so we need to get some before we can go on bike rides :(. Good thing bike helmets are cheap! We’re going to wait until later this week or next weekend to get some because we’ll have more money.

That’s it for this week! So far, I’m very excited for next week! Stay tuned to see what we do :P! How couldn’t you?! Our life is so exciting. -rolls eyes-