26 September 2010 2 Comments

Week 13 together – Melbourne Show!

We had such a great time celebrating our second year of friendship!

This week was awesome! Well, actually, I can’t remember too much about what happened during the week, but the weekend was great! We went to the Melbourne Show, moved stuff from two rooms into one room, and made some lasagna. This week, we were celebrating our “friendiversary” – Ciera and I have now known each other for two amazing years! :)

Last year, when Ciera was here (she was going back to the USA around this time last year :(), we went to the Melbourne Show, which is a fair/carnival thing that happens here in Melbourne  every year.  We went with my sister Jacinta and her friend Betty, and enjoyed it heaps. This year was no different – On Saturday, Ciera and I went to the Melbourne Show together. There was HEAPS of animals this year, a lot more than last year! Including some cute little piglets, and massive cows, and a whole range of other ones. One thing that was different from last year was the line to get to the showbags. Last year, there was not much of a line and you could walk right in. This year, the line was MASSIVE and we were waiting for over ten minutes just to get into the building. We were going to go on some rides, but in the end, we were kinda tired and didn’t really want to go on any, so we didn’t :P.

Today, we spent nearly the whole day rearranging stuff. Ciera and I were using two rooms – My room, and my mum’s room. My mum’s room is bigger and has a double bed, whereas my room is smaller and had stuff like our computers and other random stuff. Today, we moved all my mum’s stuff into my old room, and my stuff (and a bit of Ciera’s stuff) moved into my mum’s old room.  Now we have all our stuff in the one room. It’s really nice. I’m still looking forward to when we can get our own house (or even an apartment), but for now, living here is working out quite well. I’m trying to wait until after I graduate university before moving into my own house, mainly so I can afford everything (since I’ll most likely have a full-time job :)).

Another thing that happened today was that one of my sister’s friends came over, and randomly made lasagna with us. Random, but AWESOME! Lasagna is awesome.

Until next time,
— Daniel

  • Luci

    I agree! Lasagna IS awesome. And just Italian food in general. The Melbourne Show sounds like a lot of fun. I love animals! Especially baby ones. That’s great that you have a bigger room now. It’s always nice when you can actually fit all of your stuff into your living space. Happy friendiversary to my most favorite couple in the whole wide world. Love you!!!

    • Ciera

      Lasagne and Italian food are awesome when you make them from scratch! You would love the Melbourne Show, Luci! You’ll have to come here around that time when you visit (whenever that may be)! We love you back! Speaking of friendiversary… when would ours be?!