3 October 2010 0 Comments

Week 14 together!

Our shadows

It’s been another week! This week has been one of the less active ones, though. Daniel and I really didn’t do much during the week except work and being lazy. We did manage to get some important things done and enjoy time with each other.

On Wednesday, Louie had to go to the vet. It was time for him to get vaccines, microchipped and desexed. I took the day off so I’d be able to transport him to and from the vet. That probably wasn’t the best idea. The whole day I was so worried about Louie and I didn’t have Daniel to cheer me up because he was busy at work! Louie ended up having a great visit and was acting like himself as soon as we got him home!

We had a semi-laid back weekend. On Saturday, we spent the first half of the day just laying around and exploring the internets. The second half was spent on a trip to IKEA and K-Mart for some clothes racks so we could stop living out of boxes! We found some really cheap, metal racks that’ll work fine until we can purchase a wardrobe or dresser. K-Mart had hangers that were not as expensive as IKEA so we went there and got a 24 pack. I probably could have used that whole pack myself but we shared. 😛 Both of us still have clothes in our boxes but it’s way more manageable now!

Some friends from work had invited me to a meet-up at a pub Saturday night. Daniel and I decided it would be fun to have a night out and be around other people (even though neither of us drink alcohol). We got there right on time, went inside, and found hardly anyone there… :(. We waited for awhile and got some dinner to pass the time. I got some great nachos and Daniel got Chicken Parma (surprise!). When we were done, two people I recognized got there but didn’t see us. I was done hanging out at the pub so we snuck out and headed home! We had a great night even though it wasn’t with the people I was hoping on seeing!

Today, daylight savings started. We slept forever and got up around 11. I was freaking out because of the time (I have a hard time sleeping after I know how ‘late’ it is) but Daniel reminded me it would normally be 10. I felt silly. Haha! Anyways, we’ve spent all day in the house. It’s been alright, although I wanted to go out. I’ll just go out another day. :) We watched The Matrix (my first time seeing it). It is a really good movie and I can definitely see why people think Inception is the modern Matrix. I think Inception was WAY better, though! 😛 After the movie we spent some time just trying to figure out what to do. We finally decided to play some arcade games. It was great! Now we’re both focused on our computers: I’m working on this and he’s looking at forums.

I’m hoping a bit more goes on next week. I work almost every day, which should be good. It’s getting a lot warmer here so Daniel and I are thinking about swimming! I am SO excited!! You’ll have to wait and see what actually happens in out lives. :O DUN dun duuuuuuuuun!