10 October 2010 1 Comment

Week 15 together

We are so in love <3

Another amazing week together! Every day we’re together is a great day, and every week we have great fun, and this week was no exception (of course).

Not really related to me and Ciera, but on Wednesday, I had to go to work early. I work at a software development company, and our system is hosted on the Internet. Whenever new development work is going out to beta, the developers responsible for the work have to be there at 7 AM to help with deployment. This is so any bugs/issues can be worked out before people start their business day. Most of the time things are fine, and this day was no exception. The great thing about starting work two hours earlier is finishing two hours earlier. I also didn’t take lunch break (which is usually an hour), so actually finished three hours earlier than usual. After work, Ciera and I went off to K-Mart since they were having a DVD sale. We bought Land Before Time 1 2 and 3, Milo and Otis, I Am Sam, and Fern Gully. Each of these was only $9, which was great.

On Thursday, Ciera was working in the afternoon, and so she could meet me at work once I had finished. When we met up, we were going to go to a different restaurant along Lygon Street, but couldn’t really choose any, so we went to Papa Gino’s again. It’s pretty nice there, Ciera likes it a lot. I got a ravioli carbonara, and Ciera, wanting to try something different, got a Calzone. Both were really nice! On Friday, I was going out with a few friends from university (Steve, Cam, Joseph “Stubbers” and one of Steve’s friends). We were going to a pub together… Even though I don’t drink, I thought I’d still go along, just for the fun of it. Usually Ciera would come along, but she didn’t want to this time (she said I should have some “manly time” with friends O_o :P). Ate a chicken parma (NOM NOM NOM), hung around for a bit, and went home about 9 PM (everyone else stayed out longer, I think they went to Crown Casino after I left).

On Saturday, Ciera and I set off to try and find something for my step-sister Sonya — She was turning 21 and her birthday was going to be on Sunday! We searched around Northland Shopping Centre for a bit but couldn’t find anything, so we just settled on giving her a great birthday card and some cash inside it (which any person would like as a present! :P). Today (Sunday) was her birthday party, which was held at my dad’s house. It was great, Ciera and I both had a pretty good time, and I got to meet some of Sonya’s friends.

So, as you could probably guess, this week was pretty action-packed! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for both of us. Looking forward to many many more amazing weeks together with my love! <3 Until next time, — Daniel