31 October 2010 2 Comments

Week 18 together!

We both have beautiful blue eyes :)

Get ready for a long post! A lot happened with us this week.

Monday was mostly a normal day. Daniel and I had work in the morning so we were both out of the house. When I got home from work (around 2:30 pm, I think), Daniel’s mum informed me that Louie had been missing since 12:30 pm. This is where the day became… not so normal. I was pretty calm about for the first hour or so but the longer he was gone, the more emotions I felt. I started getting really worried (about Louie) and annoyed (with Daniel’s mum). Louie’s last owner let us know that he gets stuck in trees so I walked around the neighbourhood looking in all the trees. We didn’t have any luck finding him during the day so when Daniel got home, we posted a lost cat article on a website called petfinders (he’s now on the “successes” page :D). ย That night was really hard for me. I cried all night because I was so worried. :(

Tuesday was a whole lot better! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had work in the morning again but when I got home, I printed off some lost cat posters and taped them up around the area. While I was doing that I also kept looking around for him. I also called the lost dogs home just in case someone took him there. They hadn’t seen him but they told me to come past in a few days if he doesn’t come home. Luckily, he did! ๐Ÿ˜€ Around 8 pm Tuesday night, Silvia (Daniel’s mum) went to the backyard and found him in one of the trees! We were all SO happy to see him! When he came in, the first thing he did was eat two bowls of food. Right after that he was back to his playful self. It was so great to see! :)

Wednesday and Thursday weren’t very busy, aside from work. I was feeling sick but I think it was just a cold. Daniel took good care of me like always, though. I love him so much <3! Oh! On Thursday night, Daniel asked if I wanted to go out Friday night. It took me by surprise but I loved it! Of course I told him I’d love to go :).

So, Friday. We both worked and at the end of the day I met him at work. We both decided to only have dinner since doing dinner AND a movie would keep us out late. Dinner was really great! We went to one of the places right outside of Melbourne Central. I ordered lasagne and Daniel got chicken parma (his usual :P). Both dishes were excellent!

Saturday we went to a movie at Cinema Nova (a cheap independent theater :D). I really like it there even though it’s pretty low budget. The Social Network was playing there so we went to see it. It is a pretty good movie. Definitely not the best but, good. The ending was silly. I did not expect it to just end like that.

And now for Today. I’ve been wanting to get something for my mom at the St. Kilda Market. It’s her birthday on the 22nd of November so we went out today to try and find something. Surprisingly, it was faster for us to get to St. Kilda without taking a train! That also made it easier for us to get lost… which we did. We somehow ended up in Port Melbourne instead of finding our tram to St. Kilda. I was a little upset but once we found a beach I calmed down. The ocean is so calming :). We spent some time there just listening to the waves. Once we were done with that, we found a tram towards St Kilda and headed there. It wasn’t good weather today so the market was smaller than normal. After going past it on the tram, I thought we could go to the end of the line and do a bit more exploring. There was a lot of people out which actually made the day a bit better. We found some great shops and a lot of good places to eat! Daniel and I had lunch at an Italian restaurant called Vibe (We really like our pasta!). They have really good food at reasonable prices! I got spaghetti and meatballs. Daniel got Fettuccine Carbonara. Both dishes were great, again! We had to share with each other, too. After we ate we went to the market and I was able to find something for my mom. I didn’t have enough money so Daniel helped me pay for it. I’ll have to pay him back eventually :).

Did I mention we have a lot of pasta? Tonight Daniel and I made some MORE lasagne. That’s how awesome we are!

So that’s it for the week. I don’t know how easy this post will be to read. I feel like I jumped everywhere but I don’t feel like reading over it at the moment xD. Hope everyone can understand what I’ve said!

Have a great week!


  • http://www.dogshome.com The Lost Dogs’ Home

    Hi Ciera,

    It is so good to hear the Louie found his way home. I bet you and the family are so relieved.. make sure you spoil him and give him plenty of love and attention.

    Something to think about, sign up to The National Pet Register (www.petregister.com.au) for a free ID tag for Louie, The National Pet Register is a free service to help reunite lost pets with their owners, they will provide a free ID tag and if your pet is wandering the street, the finder can ring the toll free under 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, quote the tag id and they can get you reunited quickly this way. Is an awesome community service, Check it out!

    Cant wait to read the next installment of your blog!

    Kind Regards,

    The Lost Dogs’ Home Team

    • Ciera

      We are so happy he’s home! Needless to say, he hasn’t been going outside much anymore.

      We just checked the website and it says that if the animal is microchipped we shouldn’t sign up. Louie is microchipped; We just need to register him with the council now. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      Kind Regards