7 November 2010 0 Comments

Week 19 – Two year anniversary!!

The teddy Ciera got as a two year anniversary present!

Another incredible week in the lives of Daniel and Ciera! This week was quite special for us, since it was our two year anniversary :D! On Monday, Ciera wanted to make some delicious cake, so after work, we both went together to the supermarket and bought some delicious chocolate cake mix. We also got some carbonara pasta sauce and some ravioli to go with it (can you tell that we love our Italian food? Haha :D). Pasta is delicious. Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup, so we both had a day off. I’m not entirely sure why the Melbourne Cup is a public holiday since it’s pretty much just a horse race, but whatever. It’s a holiday, so I’m not complaining 😀

On Thursday, I started work early again (as I’ve mentioned in the past). Normally the early days are Wednesdays, but since Tuesday was a public holiday, the early day got moved to Thursday. In any case, this meant getting up really early, and finishing work earlier than normal. I was going to meet Ciera after work in the city, but she had to bring Louie (our cat) to the vet for another immunisation at the same time as I finished work. So, we ended up just meeting at home. It was still great to get home early and get a little bit of extra time with Ciera (since she’s so amazing!) :).

Friday was our special day, our two year anniversary! However, we had a friend’s 21st birthday party on the same day, which was a little unfortunate. We ended up going to his birthday, and having a pretty good time. A lot of people I didn’t know there, but there was a few that I did know, so I felt alright. For our anniversary, I bought Ciera a massive teddy bear as a gift, and she liked it heaps (I’m not surprised at all, though)! The time has really gone so quickly, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

On Saturday, we went out to take a look at a few shops and get some stuff. There was a store selling 182cm (6 feet) Christmas trees for only $10! So, we bought it, along with a whole bunch of decorations. I haven’t had a Christmas tree for ages, so this was super exciting! When we got home, we were pretty excited about having a Christmas tree, so we put it up (even though it was only the 6th November :P). Now we just need to wait for Christmas day so we can get a bunch of presents :D. We looked for Toy Story 3 on DVD, but found out it’s not coming out on DVD for a few weeks :(. Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were on TV at night though, which was great – We watched both! Also made the cake from the mix we bought on Monday.

Looking forward to our third anniversary now!

Until next time,
— Daniel