14 November 2010 0 Comments

Week 20 together!

We were both excited for the parade!

Saturday was probably the best day for us this week. The rest of the week was normal except for a couple of bad days I had.

The week seems to be all jumbled up in my brain so I won’t go by day; I’ll go by what I remember happening. The start of the week wasn’t fun for me. On Tuesday I lost my phone while heading to work so I had to turn around and look for it. Of course this made me a tiny bit late (5 mins) during the week they were checking on punctuality. After that day I decided I needed to have a day off to get things done and avoid any other bad luck. When I tried to call in, the house phone was out of credit. Such bad luck with phones! Anyways, I got that fixed and called in. Then I went out to meet up with Daniel for lunch. We had a good lunch, of course. :) Then I went home to wait for Daniel. We decided to meet up at Northcote Plaza to grab some things I needed. After we got home from that, it was just a few minutes until I had to get shifts for next week. I only managed to get 3 :(.

Daniel and I have been feeling sick this week. It’s an off and on thing but still no fun. Since I’m allergic to everything, I blame my sickness on things in the air. Daniel hasn’t been tested for allergies but I still blame allergens for his sickness as well :P.

The Myer Christmas Parade was on Saturday. Daniel and I decided to go as soon as we knew about it! I’m so glad we did! We’re both so childish xD. I’m sure we enjoyed all of it as much as the kids around us :P! We even managed to get balloons and a flag. No Mary Poppins umbrella, though :( Or a poncho which would have been VERY handy since it was raining. D: My favorite parts were seeing Batman and Captain Feathersword. Daniel really enjoyed each marching band that went past. We’ve posted pictures of the parade in the gallery. Have a look :D!

On Saturday we also got me a new, cheap phone. Appearance-wise, it’s quite similar to my old phone. It’s lower quality, as expected, but I like it so far. The only problem we’re having with it at the moment is internet. It doesn’t seem to be connecting with the replacement SIM. The SIM that came with the phone works fine but that’s not the one I want to use. I want to use the one that has my work number! So, we’re going to call in one of these days to see if they’ll fix it. I have to wait for Daniel since the phone is on his account.

Oh! Another awesome thing that happened this week! Daniel and I booked a holiday/vacation to the Gold Coast! We’re both very excited :) It’ll be the first time Daniel has been out of Melbourne and on an airplane. We managed to book a great package that has accommodation with a 4 star hotel :). It’s only a short walk from the beach, as well! There are a lot of theme parks in the area so we’re still trying to plan our whole itinerary. If anyone has input on what we should do, please let us know! We leave towards the end of January so there’s still a lot of time to plan.

That’s it for now. Tune in for next week 😉

-Ciera <3

Edit: I forgot to mention this week was our 5 month mark for this year of living together!