28 November 2010 1 Comment

Week 22 together!

I didn’t manage to get a picture of us this week so you get to enjoy a cute picture of Louie… sleeping… like a cat does.

Voting makes Louie sleepy.

Would you be amazed if I told you this week has been similar to a lot of others? Haha! Once again, not much happened during the week but we did do things during the weekend.

We both worked most of the week and I don’t think we met up with each other during the day until Friday. This week seemed to go really slow for me and Daniel was very busy with work all week so we decided we’d have a dinner date Friday night. We went to Papa Gino’s again and it was delicious as always. This time we shared some fettuccine carbonara and a meat lovers pizza.

Saturday was a fun day for us. Daniel went to vote in the morning and then we inspected a house that was just two doors down xD. Daniel and I always talk about having our own place but we’re waiting until I’m at least a resident so we can save up for other things we need now. We plan on inspecting a lot more houses as well so we can know what we’re doing when we actually are house shopping. Anyways, after inspecting the house, Daniel had breakfast and then we went out. There was a phone store, Crazy John’s, having a warehouse sale with plenty of awesome mobile phones for really cheap. We didn’t get there early enough for the great deals, though. After that we went through a few op shops, and even looked at some bike stores so I could show Daniel “Claus” the kind of bike I want. We did some grocery shopping for the family as well. It felt so grown up… and like we were doing it for ourselves. Like… we actually were living on our own and doing things for ourselves. I love that feeling :) I guess I should appreciate it while it lasts.

Saturday night my mom informed me that my great grandma passed away. She had been fighting a very long battle with Alzheimer’s and everyone could see it coming. It still hurts me a little bit when I think about good memories of her but I know, if there is such thing of an afterlife, that she is feeling a lot better and she’s with her husband, son, and all other relatives. I also want to say I’m very thankful of Daniel. Even though I didn’t really need him last night, I knew he was there for me, and that is amazing :)

Today has been a very lazy day. I woke up feeling grumpy so I’ve been trying to keep my distance from everyone, including Daniel. Sometimes a girl needs her alone time, ya know?! 😉


  • Luci

    Ciera! I’m sorry to hear about your great grandma! I was just thinking about her the other day…I know she was sick for a long time, so I’m glad she is at peace now. Call me if you need to talk.