12 December 2010 1 Comment

Half-way point! (6 months)

We love our boy <3

The past 6 months have gone by sooooo quickly! Daniel and I don’t really pay attention to what week or month it is until we start working on these posts, so we got really excited when I realized it’s been 6 months!! It’s hard to believe in another half a year, we’ll be on our way to America.

Anyways, This week has been like all the others… for Daniel at least. He’s been very focused on work and getting his presentation done (due this Thursday). He also has a two week project that he’s busy doing at the same time. Busy, busy man. 😛 Work for me this week SUCKED. It’s been the past few weeks, actually. I’m really getting tired of the company I’m with but I’m going to stick with them until I HAVE to quit. They’ve been taking shifts away the day before I do them and switching the times from what I’m used to. It’s just getting annoying. I plan on finding a nice data entry or filing job very soon! :)

Daniel and I met up only a few times during the week. Tuesday, Daniel met me after work at a train station in one of the inner suburbs (Camberwell). Thursday, I met him after work. I believe we took some extra time to get home, probably looking for bike helmets both times. On Friday, I was supposed to work but they called me on Thursday saying my shift wasn’t supposed to exist and then hung up… *ANGRY FACE*. Instead of working, I got ready and went out to the Oprah thing happening in the city. It really wasn’t a big deal to me but I had nothing else to do so why not see Oprah Winfrey, huh? Afterwards I met Daniel… again :P. We headed straight home and played some Super Mario for the Wii (an early Christmas present to him from me).

Yesterday, Daniel and I did some more Christmas shopping. He got me a few things I’m not supposed to remember and I got him something extra that he’s not supposed to remember :P. We also got a gift for his mum. She got so excited when we told her the big box under the tree is hers! While we were out, Daniel and I went to Nando’s. It was a little date for the week.

As for today, we’ve been sitting at home. Daniel has been trying to stay busy with his presentation while I’ve just been playing games :P. I’ve been learning some Italian today, as well. I’m very excited about it! During school, I wasn’t good at learning Spanish but I’m hoping it’s different with Italian. So far, I only know a few basics: he, she, they, man woman, little boy, little girl; and a few verbs like: run, eat, drink, write, and swim. I also know Buon Giorno (Hello) and Arrivederci (Goodbye). :)

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Fino alla prossima volta.

P.S. I love Daniel sooooo much! Although this week was kinda boring, I’ve had such a great time with him <3

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