19 December 2010 1 Comment

Week 25 – Nearly Christmas!

Ciera after her hair being dyed.

This week was quite good. Ciera and I had a lot going on. On Monday, Ciera had two shifts at work, which was pretty draining for her :P. Since it’s nearly Christmas, Ciera doesn’t have any shifts at work for two weeks, and I have a few days off. More time together, woot!

On Thursday, I had to do a presentation about my work placement, to my manager at work, as well as the supervisor for the placement (a person from my university). I was very worried, but I think it went alright. I’m always really scared of presentations; I hate them heaps. I guess I just dislike presenting stuff, and public speaking. In any case, my manager said it went very well, so I’m quite happy about that. Now I just need to worry about writing the final report!

On Friday, Ciera had her last shift for the year. Since she was working until 7 PM, I told her that I’d go straight from work to home, and meet her there. However, I didn’t actually do that, and surprised her at work instead. Bought her a delicious blueberry muffin too. She was very surprised and I’m sure she appreciated it. Seriously, when you have a blueberry muffin, what could possibly go wrong?! It makes life more awesome.

On Satuday, we went to Northcote Plaza to get hair cuts. Jacinta (my sister) and Ciera got hair cuts. I was going to, but didn’t end up getting one (perhaps next week I will).  Ciera and Jacinta also bought some hair dye. After that was over, we had a look around for Christmas presents. One of the stores we went to was Cash Converters (a second-hand store). They had a bunch of nice stuff, like old video game consoles, and old music CDs (which were $1 each!). While looking around, we saw something awesome – A tripod! We were wanting one for our cameras for ages, so we bought it. It seems pretty good, works quite well. After that, we still wanted to look around for stuff so went off to Northland and did even more Christmas shopping.  We bought a bunch of stuff from a store called “The Reject Shop”.

On Sunday, we went back to Northland to pick up some more stuff. Ciera bought me some new jeans, and I bought her an MP3 player (she had wanted a new one since her old one was only 2 GB).

And as for this week, it should be great. I’ve got a work Christmas party on Tuesday, a team lunch at work on Wednesday, and Christmas itself is on Saturday. Should be great! Looking forward to our holiday too – In about a month’s time, we’ll be off to the Gold Coast for 4 days. Should be awesome, it’ll be the first time I’ve been out of Victoria. :)

Until next time,
— Daniel

  • http://ciera.name Ciera

    Nothing can go wrong when you have a blueberry muffin! That’s why I loved it sooooo much when you brought me that one. It was the best muffin I have had in AGES! Thank you, sweetie. I love you so much!