26 December 2010 2 Comments

Week 26 – The real half-way point and CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas!

As you can tell by the title, this week was the actual half-way point. 😉 We were counting months by four weeks but, since a year has 52 weeks, we messed it up a little. 26 weeks = half a year… blahblahblah. You get the point!

On Tuesday of this week, the business Daniel works at (PageUp People) had a Christmas party. His manager insisted that he go and even offered to pay for me to join. We accepted the offer and ended up having a great time! It was held at Richmond Union Bowling Club, a place to play lawn bowls. The party started with drinks and food (mostly BBQ). It later moved out to the lawn where we bowled… simple enough xD. It was great to meet all the people Daniel works with. I know some people were excited to meet me, too.

Nothing else happened during thing week until Friday. I got some bad news that day and Daniel got to get off work early!  I got a text during the day from work. They were informing me and my coworkers that there wouldn’t be any available shifts until AFTER 31 January. The break was originally supposed to be two weeks. I’m sure that’s fine with a few people but it sucks for those of us who were depending on the job. It really sucks for me because I have to quit in Feb. I guess I just have to speed up the job search now. That was bad news to get on Christmas Eve, though. Daniel got to leave work after a company lunch. When he got home, we went to a store called Clear it with one of his uncles that’s visiting for the holidays. It’s basically a clearance store with some really high-end fashion and then some really cheap, ugly, other things. 😛 In my opinion, most the high-end fashion things were also ugly. Clear it is a ‘hit-and-miss’ store. That trip wasn’t very lucky for me. I found nothing!

This weekend we got to celebrate our first Christmas together! We had a very good time. It was my first time experiencing the weird phenomenon known as Christmas in summer. Christmas day started early in the morning. We woke up around 7:30am to a phone call from Daniel’s dad telling us he’ll be getting us shortly. We spent the morning at his house opening presents and having breakfast. I got some really beautiful earrings that I haven’t stopped wearing! Daniel got some clothes, like always. After the morning there, we went to Santina’s house (Daniel’s Grandpa’s partner) for lunch. It was sooo delicious! We had some Italian soup as a starter. Then came some amazing lasagne! The rest of the time was spent snacking on whatever was on the table. After everyone had enough to eat, presents were handed out. Daniel got the Book of Secrets and a deck of Italian cards from his uncles (I don’t know who gave which). I got a wonderful, natural candle and some fantastic body creme. Guess where we went after lunch. Back to his dad’s house!! This time it was for a BBQ with that side of the family. Once again, more presents and a great time with relatives. The presents received there were socks (for Daniel) and mugs (for me). Hahahaha! The whole day was really great. So much going on! We were both exhausted by the time we got home.

As for today, we spent some more time with Daniel’s uncles (Rob and Mario). Uncle Rob wanted to check out Costco. It’s a new store for Australia so everyone was a little excited to check it out. We ended up getting a lot of stuff, as expected. Most of the money was stuff I bought, though. The rest was some nice food that we needed and wanted. Haha! That’s basically all we did during the day. Now Daniel and I are just sitting at home. We’re going to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii soon and I may play my new game, Epic Mickey (got it at Costco for $50!!).

I hope you all have had very happy holidays! Enjoy a picture of Santa Claws!

Santa Claws


  • Luci

    Sounds like you had a fun Christmas and some great gifts too! Love the hats, especially Louie’s. Lol @ the Clear it thing. We had Italian food for Christmas too! Coincidence? I think it’s cool that Daniel has an uncle Mario. My half-siblings have an uncle Luigi. I’m jealous about Epic Mickey; I want to play it so bad! Ciera, I hope you find a job you actually like, but personally I think jobs in general just suck. They are okay or even fun at first, and then you end up hating them, b/c it’s work. And work is dumb. But we have to do it anyway, so good luck finding something.

    • Ciera

      Thanks, Luci. We talked about this one the phone :)

      I love that you comment on our blog. It’s so nice to know who is reading our stuff!