2 January 2011 0 Comments

Week 27 – Happy New Year!

Daniel got a haircut!

This week was pretty good. I had Monday and Tuesday off work (public holidays for Christmas and Boxing Day), and also took a day of annual leave on Wednesday. So I actually only worked for two days in the week, and ended up finishing work early on Friday. This meant I had heaps of time to spend with Ciera! It was awesomely amazing, definitely a great change from the day-to-day work I have to do. I love Ciera, and spending time with her! <3

On Monday, Ciera, my mum, two of my uncles and I all went to Costco. Costco’s been around for quite a while in the USA, but only recently opened in Australia (about  a year ago). There was some pretty good stuff there. We ended up buying a game for our Nintendo Wii (Epic Mickey) as it was only $50 at Costco (compared to $70-80 at other stores!). Ciera’s been playing the game quite a lot, and seems to be enjoying it. A few weeks earlier, she bought me New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which we’ve also been playing quite a lot. It’s a great fun game!

On Tuesday, Ciera suggested that we buy a board game. We took a look around a few stores at Northland (like K-Mart, Target and Toys R Us) and ended up buying a version of Monopoly – The “Here and Now – The World Edition”  version. It was a limited edition and was cheaper than most of the other versions of Monopoly.

On Friday, I was pretty lucky and got to go home from work early (I think nearly everyone did). This meant I could get home early and surprise Ciera! She was pretty happy about that :). We wanted to get pizza for dinner, but unfortunately the local pizza store was closed, as were some other good pizza stores. The only pizza store that was open was Domino’s, which isn’t nearly as good as a “proper” pizza place. We ended up just buying from Domino’s, and to be honest, it wasn’t too bad. OM NOM NOM.

Saturday was New Year’s Day!! Wooooo, 2011 already! 2010 went so quickly!! Ciera and I decided that we should go see a movie. We went to Northland and it wasn’t open. We were worried we wasted our time, but we took a look around and noticed that a few places were still open, including the cinema! But before we went to the cinema, we went to get food (as we were both really hungry). The Pancake Parlour was another one of the stores that was open, so we went there to have lunch. Very expensive, but the food was quite good!

Recently I’ve been organising things for our holiday that we’re having (we’re going to the Gold Coast, Queensland on 23rd January). That will be amazing, I can’t wait! It’ll be the first time I’ve been outside of Victoria, so yeah, quite an experience for me :)

Until next time,
— Daniel