16 January 2011 0 Comments

Week 29 – Preparing for the holiday

Ciera, Daniel and Louie!

This week has been awesome. Mainly because I’ve been so excited about the holiday Ciera and I will be going on!! I’ve never been outside of Victoria, so this will be quite an experience for me. We’ve been preparing stuff and booking things that we’ll be doing.

Monday wasn’t too amazing for us. I worked, and Ciera did… something. She can’t remember what she did on Monday. It was probably something so incredible that even she can’t remember it. Wow, that’s very awesome!! Erm… yeah… Anyways. Tuesday, Ciera needed to purchase a few things, so she went to our local shopping centre, the Northcote Plaza. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling too happy during the day :(. I tried my best to comfort her and make her feel loved, and I think I did a good job. I’m sure she appreciates what I do for her, as she does the same for me! We’re both pretty amazing :D.On Thursday, Ciera came to see me for lunch. That was great — I was looking forward to seeing her all week. For lunch, we had some really delicious pizza. I enjoyed it heaps. When she got home, Ciera was going to try and look for a new job, but ended up being too busy chatting to friends and helping them, and didn’t end up looking for any. She did look for some on Friday, though. I really do hope she finds a job soon! It’ll give her something else to do during the day :)

On Saturday, we wanted to go somewhere new, so we went to Chadstone Shopping Centre. It’s a really large shopping centre in an area that’s relatively far from where we live. When we were waiting for a bus to go to Chadstone, there was a stray dog that came up to us. We weren’t too sure whether it was someone’s dog or just a stray dog that lives in the area, someone was asking us whether it was our dog. Ciera gave it some food, and it stayed around us up until the bus came. When the bus came, we got on, and the dog walked off and found someone else to ask for food :P. Hopefully it found its owner! When we got to Chadstone, we took a look around. There’s heaps of stores there! We went to an awesome burger place called Burger Edge for lunch. It was delicious! I’m quite a fussy eater, but do like trying new things once in a while :P. After that, we went to some stores and bought things we’ll need on our holiday (like beach towels and small shampoo bottles).

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I’ve been meaning to work on a report that’s due 1st February but just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve been working on it a little bit at a time but it’s been quite hard for me to concentrate :(. Today we watched a movie (Despicable Me) together. Previously we had gone to the cinema and saw this movie in 3D, however, my sister had not yet seen it, so we all watched it together. Quite an awesome movie!

So, what’s ahead for us? This week I’ll be working, as usual. Ciera will probably continue looking for a job, and hopefully find one! The week after next, I’m taking leave from work for the whole week, while Ciera and I are on our holiday. I am not sure whether we’ll get time to write a blog post next week, but we’ll see when it comes around!

Until next time,
— Daniel