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Our Gold Coast Vacation/Holiday!

OH MY GOSH GUYS! I’m sorry it’s been so long. I have no legitimate excuses for it but Daniel does. He’s been super busy with Uni and work. I’ve just been busy keeping myself mentally healthy. I guess that is kind of a big deal, huh? Anyways, I’m sure you guys would love to hear about the trip we took to the Gold Coast. Even if it was… 4 months ago! 😉 I got some footage of everything but I don’t know how to video edit and the clips I took aren’t that great just by themselves. We did upload a whole bunch of photos though, which can be found in our photo gallery.

On the airplane.

It was Daniel’s first time out of Victoria and on a plane so he was really excited (and super cute to watch!!). The flight there was alright. It got a lot better when we were getting close to landing. If you looked out the window you could see the ocean and the shore line. We were lucky that no one sat close to us so Daniel and I scooted over one seat to look out. It was beautiful!

We didn’t stay long at the hotel when we got there. Instead, we headed straight out to explore Surfers Paradise and find places we might want to visit. Getting dinner was our first priority. We found a pizza & pasta place that had all you can eat for $10. After dinner we walked to Cavill Avenue. There was so much to do there and so much going on! There’s also this great gelato place called Gelatissimo, we went there twice while we were in Surfers Paradise! We also spent some time at the beach. We were so busy with other things during the day that we could only have beach time at night! The water was still warm and refreshing, though.


Our first full day in Surfer’s Paradise was spent at Sea World. We got to see some great shows including the dolphins! I’d have to say that one was my favorite. I might edit this post later to add a video of that show just for you guys! Daniel really liked a ride they had there. You get in a boat with some crank cannons that goes around this pond area,  and you squirt other boats or people outside of the ride squirting you. We both ended up getting soaked doing that! Daniel did it twice!!

Ciera and Daniel on Segways

The next full day was spent at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Anyone who knows me can tell I was the one who chose to go there! I’m so glad we did! We got to see a lot of Australian wildlife! One of the first things we did when we got there was a segway tour. A guide took Daniel and I through the whole park and showed us some exclusive things. It was really fun. At the end of the tour we stopped in this open area to get pictures and videos of us riding on the segways!

After that, we held a koala names Kozzie. That was a great experience for me! She just grabbed onto my shoulders while I held up all her weight with my hands. I didn’t know koalas could be that heavy! Another exciting thing we got to do there was walk around in a kangaroo enclosure. Most of them were laying in the shade when we walked through but we still pet a few and got to seem some babies!

We got a picture with a Koala. Isn't Kozzie cute?

The day we had to leave was spent exploring Surfers Paradise one last time. We actually spent time at the beach in the sun but didn’t get wet! The Q Deck was one of the last tourist places we visited. It’s a really tall residential  Right near the shore. The views from the top are magnificent!

All in all, it was a pretty amazing holiday. It was great spending some quality time together, and we both can’t wait for our next one!

Until next time,
– Ciera and Daniel