4 November 2011 7 Comments

Visa granted, flight booked! :D

I’m so excited! Yesterday, Ciera woke up to find that she had an email from our case officer. She opened it, and… It was a visa grant letter! She forwarded it to me, and when I woke up I was SO EXCITED for her! She’s now officially an Australian resident (well, once she arrives here anyways). Tomorrow is our three-year anniversary, and this is quite possibly the best anniversary present we could have gotten. I’m ecstatic :)

After being extremely overwhelmed with happiness and calming down a little bit, we booked her flight back to Australia. It ended up being pretty expensive since it’s coming up to summer here, but we did manage to get a flight with Air New Zealand again (since they’re awesome). She’s staying with her family for Christmas, and getting here on New Years Day. Having my girlfriend with me to start the new year is the best New Year’s present EVER! I hope these next 57 days pass quickly, I really can’t wait until I see her again!

No more waiting and wondering when things will happen. Now we have solid plans, and our life plans feel a whole lot more real. I’m quite possibly happier than I have ever been before! In 57 days, our long-distance relationship will no longer be long-distance. I’m counting down the days. 😀

Things are amazing right now. I just finished my last university class ever, and all I’ve got left are exams. Then I start working again, and Ciera gets here shortly afterwards.

I love life.

Until next time,
— Daniel

  • Mette

    Awesome Daniel and Ciera, I’m thrilled for yous :)

    • Daniel

      Thanks Mette! It’s so exciting! :)

  • http://postcrossingfromfaraway.tumblr.com Grace

    Gosh, I totally understand this feeling! I’m going to visit my boyfriend overseas for the first time in Denmark. We met when he was here (Sydney, Australia) as an exchange student and started things, and in the end, we just couldn’t say goodbye. We’ve been together for almost a year now. I have an exchange year in a few years, and he’s asked me to move in with him, but we won’t be able to be together properly until 4 years from now. Still, just that prospect of being able to count down days and know you’ll be with that person soon – best feeling ever! I wish you both all the best!

    • Ciera

      Good luck to the two of you! LDRs put you through some of the best and worst feelings.

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  • http://gravatar.com/lemonellen lemonellen

    How long did the partner visa process take? I’m in the process of waiting for that email from my case officer and the wait seems endless.

  • http://www.dammann.com.au/ David

    I am happy for you Ciera. A friend of mine in Australia has also applied for partner visa. but i still waiting for approval. I can understand your excitement.