2 February 2013 2 Comments

Final Chapter in the Story of a Relationship

As the saying goes, “all good things come to an end”, and this is no exception. This post marks the end of this blog. We had some amazing times together and the past four years have definitely been the best years of our lives. Neither of us have any regrets; we had a great time together. We learnt a lot, we both travelled to countries we’ve never been to before (Ciera to Australia, and Daniel to the USA), and we had a lot of fun. It’s been such a great journey for the both of us, it was truly a Whole New World.

Unfortunately things didn’t end up working out in our relationship. We’ve had a few issues and certain things just weren’t working well, and as a result, we’ve decided to break up and each go our separate ways.

With the end of our relationship also comes the end of Ciera’s migration to Australia. Towards the end, her mental health became very unstable. As a result she moved back to the USA to live with her family and get the help she felt she needed.

We’re not 100% sure of the fate of this blog. Maybe we’ll keep it around for a bit since lots of people have found the articles on migration to Australia quite helpful. But don’t expect any new posts from us, as there’s no longer an “us”.

Even though we’re no longer together, we’re still friends and we’ll still try to answer any questions you have about migration to Australia!

For now, you can follow us on our separate blogs, or find us on Facebook. Feel free to stay in touch.
Daniel: http://dan.cx/ and http://facebook.com/daaniel
Ciera: http://ciera.me/ and http://facebook.com/ciera.carter

Goodbye everyone,
– Daniel and Ciera

  • Vane

    I’ve just read this post and the only one thing I can say is I wish you all the best in your new lives, guys. Things happen for a good reason :)

  • http://gravatar.com/jpurgavie jpurgavie

    Please allow me to give thanks for your efforts here. I am hoping one or both of you could offer any suggestions as to how I could choose to look at this? your experiences are so similar to ours I thought I might ask?
    So, my name is Jen, from Canada. My husband is Dave, (married Oct 5th , 2012) is an Australian. I am in the later submissions of a Partner Visa application. Our case officer has been assigned and asked for original copies of the three missing sections. 1. AFP National Police Check? 2. Foreign Canadian police check (CHECK- it arrived in the post last week). 3. Health check. The medical section may be actually delaying the process a little. We are halfway to the deadline, 2 weeks left to get it all sent in.

    That’s just the intro.

    And all I really wanted was some sort of sense that I am doing it right. This process has been stressful. I was diagnosed bipolar many years ago. They made me get my file transferred from Canada. I don’t take medication, for over six years I haven’t had a single stressor as critical as this process created with my husband and I. I wasn’t able or willing to admit any distress to any doctors because it could fail my medical.

    I’m not a lawyer, but this process feels… criminal. We love each other and it’s weird to feel like our relationship is under a microscope! I have always been fearful some part of it would be rejected or have added costs. Who throws away $3000 or more for love at the beginning of a relationship unless its on the ceremony or honeymoon?
    And that’s my rant.
    Did you get this far in your application? What would you suggest I focus on?